Cockos Reaper

How to use a Magic Mouse with Reaper

By default, scrolling horizontally with a Magic Mouse in OS X in Reaper will make it scroll in the wrong direction, and scrolling vertically will zoom. Let's fix that.

Go into Actions > Show action list (or type in a question mark as the shortcut). This intimidating screen is where Reaper keeps track of which actions perform which tasks.

Type in "mouse" for the filter, and scroll all the way down. These are the bits we're interested in.

For the "description" (task) of "View: Zoom horizontally", remove the "shortcut" (action) of "Mousewheel". That stops vertical scrolling from zooming in and out.

For "View: Scroll view vertically one page", add "Mousewheel". (Click on the Add button, move the cursor over the new window, and actually scroll vertically. Click on OK.) That makes vertical scrolling actually scroll vertically.

Similarly, remove "MultiHorz" from "View: Scroll view horizontally one page reversed" and add "HorizWheel" to it. This makes horizontal scrolling work in the right direction.

How to turn all effects on and off at once

If you're using subtle effects on every channel — say, tape and mixing desk emulation — it's useful to turn all of a project's effects on and off at once to hear the aggregate difference. You can do this by going into Preferences > General > Keyboard/Multitouch > Assign keyboard shortcuts to actions or change existing shortcuts. Find the description "Track: Toggle FX bypass on all tracks" (filter for "bypass" and scroll to the end — it's the next to last one). Select it, and click on "Add..." to assign a shortcut for it. I chose a letter B for Bypass. Close the window, click OK to the preferences, and you're good to go. B now toggles every effect in your project on and off.